The No Bond List is a searchable directory of people who have skipped on a bond or haven’t paid off their bond premium. This list is updated regularly to keep the bail bondsmen community informed of high-risk individuals.

If you are a bail bondsman, refuse to do business with these individuals until they live up to their contractual obligations. By refusing service, you can discourage this behavior from occurring in the future, which benefits the whole community.

If you’re on this list because of an unpaid premium, the only way to get your name removed is to contact your bondsman and take care of paying the money you owe. Once I have received confirmation from the bondsman, your name will be removed during the next update. If you are a bondsman, you may contact me to have names added to the list.

Names are formatted as Last, First Middle and DOB as M/D/YYYY. For best results, search only by Last Name or Date of Birth.

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